Here's my invitation (and a promise):

Hit the button above to schedule a 30-45 minute conversation by phone, Zoom or FaceTime. The purpose is to explore your possible interest in working with a spiritual director and to discern whether we would be a good match

This is a no-pressure, totally confidential conversation. You won't be asked to sign on the dotted line. And the visit costs you nothing! You can decide then or later if you would like to proceed and register for one or more work sessions.

Regardless of how you decide, I promise to do all I can to make our visit a fruitful experience for you. That includes offering suggestions for addressing your needs regardless of whether you choose to work together.

Grace and peace,

meet your guide

Stephen Swecker

That's me, Steve, on a beach somewhere in Maine proudly sporting my native West Virginia headgear. As your guide or coach, I will hang out with you as long as needed to help you grow during these times of world-altering change. Especially if you are navigating the waters of mid-life and later, spiritual reflection and guidance can help, for example, with:

• facing a crisis of religious faith or struggle,
• handling divorce or relationship conflict,
• dealing with job loss or career change,
• grieving the death of a loved one,
• completing a challenging project (e.g., a book),
• approaching retirement or stage-of-life change, or
• coping with serious illness (you or a loved one).

As we work together, you will gain empowering insight into your strengths and needs, and acquire tools and support for experiencing grace, growth, and a renewed sense of purpose and meaning.

For what it's worth, I'm a certified life coach, college teacher of religion and ethics, former religion journalist and editor, retired Methodist pastor, and a member of The International Association of Coaching (IAC). Most importantly, though, I'm a companion and friend of all with whom I'm privileged to work and share the amazing journey of life.


“Steve’s empathetic demeanor allows others to open up to him in an extraordinary way [and his] extensive professional background brings a wealth of real-world experience to his coaching … If you are looking for solid coaching that will truly change your life dimensions and set you on the road to positive results, Stephen Swecker is the coach for you.” — Terry Neustrom, Sioux City IA


"Stephen Swecker took me from greenhorn to published author and beyond. He helped me focus, find my voice and launch an effective ministry appreciated by both my bishop and non-Christians alike. I cannot thank him enough." — Scott Daniels, Eau Claire WI

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my FREE appointment?

After you hit the schedule button (above), you'll find instructions for how to book a time for your appointment. Easy-peasy!

If I decide to sign up for counseling, how much will it cost?

Individual 50-60 minute sessions cost $125. If you schedule three sessions at a time, the total cost is $325 (a saving of $50)). Cost-effective long-term subscriptions (7 or more sessions) are available. We regret that insurance plans typically do not cover our services, but we accept most credit cards and PayPal. Other payment options and assistance may be available.

If I decide to sign up for counseling, can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Of course! Meeting your needs is our priority. If you are not satisfied with your service after your initial session, your purchase will be fully refunded hassle-free.

Are all sessions confidential?

Absolutely (including the free visit). Confidentiality in a counseling/mentoring/coaching relationship is a core professional value. We uphold and abide by the high ethical standards of the International Association of Coaching (copy available upon request).